Willing Webcam

Full version:
Last Revision Date:
Nov 03, 2014
Free to try
Free to registered users
21 days
System Requirements:
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7, 8
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Willing Webcam Lite

Lite version:
Last Revision Date:
Nov 03, 2014
Free to try
Free to registered users
21 days
System Requirements:
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8
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Compatibility with
Video Devices

Willing Webcam is compatible with most USB-based or FireWire (IEEE 1394) video devices, including webcams, camcorders, TV and video capture cards, TV tuners, Canon digital cameras, and IP network cameras. We also support the pan, tilt, and zoom features of Logitech webcameras.

Network cameras

1. Set ‘Video Device > Video Source > Webcam or frame grabber’ to ‘Network Camera’.
2. Specify the IP address of your network camera. Use the following format if the camera’s port is not 80: http://ip:port
3. Select your network camera from the ‘Network Camera > Model’ drop-down list.
4. Specify the Authentication options.
5. If you don’t see a webcam image in the preview window, enter under the manufacturer’s settings of your ip camera and change MPEG-4 video format to JPEG or MJPEG. If the settings don’t provide such an option, it means that the video format depends on the list items of ‘Network Camera > Model’. Try all the items for your model and wait a few seconds each time for a result.

The 'Web Page’ and 'Program Window’ video sources are useful for those network cameras that are not directly supported by the program.

The program supports directly the following network cameras:

4xem E104
4xem W2100
4xem W40, W45, W50, Wlptg, Wlptz, Wpt

7link Robocam 2 (MJPEG mode)
7link Camera (MJPEG mode)

Abs Megacam 4210
Abs Megacam 4210 (MJPEG mode)

Abus Eyseo TV 7240, 7230 PTZ, Security Center
Abus Tvip21500

Acti 3211, 5601
Acti Capture Card
Acti Video Server

Afreey Anc-808VR

A-Gear Ip Cam Echo (MJPEG mode)

Air Live Poe100, Poe200, Poe260, Od-300 (MJPEG mode)
Air Live Wl-2000, Wl-2600 (MJPEG mode)
Air Live Wl-2600, Wl-350hd

A-Link Ipc1, Ipc2
A-Link Ipc1, Ipc2 (MJPEG mode)

A-Linking AL9643 AL9603
A-Linking AL9643 AL9603 (MJPEG mode)

Airlink101 AIC250 Network Camera
Airlink101 AICN500W, AICN747W
Airlink101 AICN500W, AICN747W (MJPEG mode)
Airlink101 Aic250w (MJPEG mode)
Airlink101 Aic650
Airlink101 Aic650w (MJPEG mode)
Airlink101 Aic747, Aic777w, Aicn500 (MJPEG mode)
Airlink101 Aicn500w, Sky IP Cam 500 (MJPEG mode)
Airlink101 Ail310

Allnet 2201, 2211, 2250 (MJPEG mode)
Allnet 2240
Allnet 2281 (MJPEG mode)
Allnet 2282 (MJPEG mode)
Allnet 2290, 2292, 2297 (MJPEG mode)

Apexis Electronic Apm-J011-WS
Apexis Electronic Apm-J0233-WS, W400 (MJPEG mode)

Arecont Av1300, Av1305, Av2100, Av2105 (MJPEG mode)
Arecont Av3100, Av3105, Av5105 (MJPEG mode)
Arecont Av1305, Av2105, Av3105, Av5105, MP1
Arecont Av8180, Av8360
Arecont Av8180, Av8360 (MJPEG mode)

Asoni Cam411

Asm Mini-308 (MJPEG mode)

Astak Mole (MJPEG mode)

AVerMedia NC100 IP Camera

Aviosys IP Kamera 9000/9000A, 9100
Aviosys IP Kamera 9100 (MJPEG mode)
Aviosys IP Kamera 9100A
Aviosys IP Kamera 9100A (MJPEG mode)
Aviosys IP Video 9100
Aviosys IP Kamera 9060 (MJPEG mode)
Aviosys IP Kamera 9060A/I/O
Aviosys IP Kamera 9060A/I/O (MJPEG mode)
Aviosys IP Kamera 9060SL
Aviosys IP Kamera 9070CS/IR
Aviosys IP Kamera

Avtech Avi201, Avi202, Avp321 (MJPEG mode)

Axis 205,206,207,210,211,221,225,2100,2110,2120,2140
Axis 205,206,207,210,211,221,225 (MJPEG mode)
Axis 2100,2110,2120,2140 (MJPEG mode)
Axis 209,212,213,214,215,216,231,232,2130 PTZ
Axis 209,212,213,214,215,216,231,232,2130 (MJPEG)
Axis Camera
Axis Camera (MJPEG mode)
Axis M1011, M1031, M3011, M3014 (MJPEG mode)
Axis 2400/2400+ 240Q 241Q/241QA
Axis 2400/2400+ 240Q 241Q/241QA (MJPEG mode)
Axis 241S (MJPEG mode)
Axis 241S Multi
Axis 241S Quad
Axis Neteye 200 Low
Axis Neteye 200 Huge
Axis Video Server
Axis Video Server (MJPEG mode)

Basler 640C, 750C, 1000C, 1300C, 1600C (MJPEG mode)

Bewan IP Camera

Bluejay Bcn-501

Blueeyes BE 1200, 1201, 1202, 1203, 3201, 4211 Blueeyes BE 4240

Brickcom FB-100A

Brikcom CB-100A 1
Brikcom CB-100A 2
Brikcom CB-100A 1 (MJPEG mode)
Brikcom CB-100A 2 (MJPEG mode)

Bosch Nwc0455, Nwc0495

Bsti Pd100hv2
Bsti Pd100hv2 (MJPEG mode)

Canon VB-C50, VB-C60 (MJPEG mode)
Canon VC-C2, VC-C3, VB-C10, VB-C50
Canon Vb-M600D 640*480 (MJPEG mode)
Canon Vb-M600D 320*240 (MJPEG mode)
Canon Vb-M600D 1280*960 (MJPEG mode)

Cellvision Cas-200
Cellvision Cas-330, Cas-330W
Cellvision Cas-500W
Cellvision Cas-501
Cellvision Cas-700, Cas-861 (MJPEG mode)

Cisco Internet Camera (MJPEG mode)

Compro IP50, IP70

Compushack Electronic Eyetelligent
Compushack Electronic Eyetelligent (MJPEG mode)

Concepttronic C54NETCAM2
Concepttronic C54NETCAM2 (MJPEG mode)

Convovision V100, v200, V600, v700

Cowkey IP Camera
Cowkey IP Camera (MJPEG mode)
Cowkey IP Camera 640*480 (MJPEG mode)

Creative Britecam, Live! Wireless

Davicom Ipcam 1001
Davicom Ipcam 1001 (MJPEG mode)
Dericam IP Camera
Dericam M801W, M601W (MJPEG mode)

Deltaco IP Camera (MJPEG mode)

Digitus Dn-16004, Dn-16005
Digitus Dn-16011
Digitus Dn-16023, Dn-16032 (MJPEG mode)
Digitus Dn-16032
Digitus Dn-16041, Dn-16042 (MJPEG mode)
Digitus Dn-16050, Dn-16051, Dn-16055

D-Link DCS-900, DCS-900W, DCS-1000
D-Link DCS-920, DCS-930 (MJPEG mode)
D-Link DCS-950, DCS-950G
D-Link DCS-2000, DCS-2100, DCS-2120, DCS-5300
D-Link DCS-2102, DCS-2121 (MJPEG mode)
D-Link DCS-3220, DCS-3410 (MJPEG mode)
D-Link DCS-3110
D-Link DCS-3220, DCS-6620
D-Link DCS-3415, DCS-5610 (MJPEG mode)
D-Link DCS-3710 1 (MJPEG mode)
D-Link DCS-3710 2 (MJPEG mode)
D-Link DCS-6110, DCS-6111 (MJPEG mode)
D-Link DCS-5220, DCS-5300
D-Link DCS-5220B1 (MJPEG mode)
D-Link DCS-5230, DCS-930L (MJPEG mode)
D-Link DCS-1130, DCS-1130L (MJPEG mode)
D-Link DCS-6620 (MJPEG mode)
D-Link DVS-104
D-Link DVS-104 (MJPEG mode)
D-Link Internet Camera

Easyn FS-613B-M166I

Easyse H3

Edimax IC-1500, 1500W
Edimax IC-1500, 1500W (MJPEG mode)
Edimax IC-3010, IC-5010PT, IC-7000PT
Edimax IC-3010, IC-5010PT, IC-7000PT (MJPEG mode)

Elro C800 (MJPEG mode)
Elmo 200
Elmo 200 (MJPEG mode)
Elmo 400
Elmo 402
Elmo 402 (MJPEG mode)

Eltis ET-1001
Epyx IP Camera(MJPEG mode)

Eminent 4482
Eminent 4482 (MJPEG mode)
Eminent 4483
Eminent 4484
Eminent 448x
Eminent 6564


Evocam (MJPEG mode)

E-Tech Ipcm01

Fitvision 100A

Flexwatch FW-1110, FW-1130, FW-3110 (MJPEG mode)
Flexwatch Network Camera

Foscam Fl8918W (MJPEG mode)
Foscam FI8903, FI8904, FI8908 (MJPEG mode)
Foscam FI8904W, FI8908W, FI8905W (MJPEG mode)
Foscam FI908
Foscam FI908 (MJPEG mode)
Foscam FI8918W (MJPEG mode)

Gadspot N1250 (MJPEG mode)
Gadspot NC1600 IP Camera
Gadspot NC1600 IP Camera
Gadspot GS1000, GS1600, GS9603
Gadspot GS1200
Gadspot GS200 (MJPEG mode)
Gadspot GS800
Gadspot GS9211
Gadspot GS9684
Gadspot GS9684 (MJPEG mode)

Ganz 78x serie (MJPEG mode)
Ganz ZN-D2024A, IP Camera
Ganz ZN-D2024A (MJPEG mode)

Gembird Cam77IP (MJPEG mode)

Genius 300
Genius 300 (MJPEG mode)
Genius 300R
Genius 300R (MJPEG mode)
Genius 3000

Grand IP Camera II
Grand IP Camera II

Grandtec IP Camera
Grandtec IP Camera II
Grandtec IP Camera III
Grandtec Video Server
Grandtec Megapixel

Hawking NC1000, NC1600, NC9603
Hawking NC1200
Hawking NC200, NC220W
Hawking NC200, NC220W (MJPEG mode)
Hawking NC2000
Hawking NC290
Hawking NC290W
Hawking NC300, NC320
Hawking NC300, NC320 (MJPEG mode)
Hawking NC800
Hawking NC9684
Hawking NC9684 (MJPEG mode)

Heden 640x480 (MJPEG mode)

Hootoo (MJPEG mode)

Hunt HLC-81, HLC-83, HLV-1
Hunt LAN Camera


Icatch X11Z

ICC (MJPEG mode)

ICV Video server

I-Catcher (MJPEG mode)
I-Catcher Icc, Icv
I-Catcher Icc (MJPEG mode)
I-Catcher Ics
I-Catcher Ics (MJPEG mode)

Instar In-290x, In-4010 (MJPEG mode)
Instar In-4009, In-30xx (MJPEG mode)

IP Central nc54x (MJPEG mode)

Intellinet 503365, 503792
Intellinet 524421 (MJPEG mode)
Intellinet 524650, 524667, 5504xx (MJPEG mode)
Intellinet 550260, 550277 (MJPEG mode)
Intellinet 550406, 550420, 5504xx, 550710
Intellinet Internet Camera
Intellinet Internet Camera (MJPEG mode)

Ipux (MJPEG mode)

Iqeye 300, 501, 600 series
Iqeye 700 serie

Ivc IP Camera

I-Watcher IC, IP, PT

JVC Network Camera
JVC Network Camera (MJPEG mode)
JVC Network Camera
JVC VN-V25U (MJPEG mode)
JVC VN-685, VN-686
JVC VN-685, VN-686 (MJPEG mode)

Kingwave KW3701, KW3702, KW3715 (MJPEG mode)
Kingwave KW3716, KW3720 (MJPEG mode)
Kingwave KW3715, KW3716
Kingwave KW3730

Konig CMP-NWIPCAM10 (MJPEG mode)

Laser NT-IPC360 (MJPEG mode)

Lenovo 1001 IP Camera

LevelOne FC-0010, FC-0020, FC-5011 (MJPEG mode)
LevelOne FCS-3021, FCS-4200 (MJPEG mode)
LevelOne FCS-4300, FCS-4400, FCS-4500 (MJPEG mode)
LevelOne FCS-5030, WCS-1081 (MJPEG mode)
LevelOne FC-1090, FC-1091 (MJPEG mode)
LevelOne FCS-1010, FCS-1030, FCS-1040
LevelOne FCS-1060, FCS-3000
LevelOne WCS-2010, WCS-2020, WCS-2040, WCS-2060

Levo ET-1001 IP Camera


Link Server CAS 200/200W

Linksys WVC54G, WVC54GCA
Linksys WVC54GC, WVC200
Linksys WVC2300
Linksys WVC2300, WVC80 (MJPEG mode)

Linudix LWC-500, LWJ-330, LWS-700, LWS-720

Loftek CSX 3200 (MJPEG mode)

Logilink WC0001, WC0002, WC0003, WC0004
Logilink WC0016(MJPEG mode)

Lorex LNE 3003

Lumenera 11059, LE175, LE275
Lumenera LEO75C

March Network Campx Microdome (MJPEG mode)

Marmitek IP EYE 10, 11, 20, 21
Marmitek Robocam 10, 11, 21
Marmitek Robocam 10, 11, 21 (MJPEG mode)

Maygion IP Camera
Maygion 300k

Megapixel IP Camera (MJPEG mode)

Messoa NCR875 (MJPEG mode)

MOBI Internet Camera
MOBI Mobicam

MOBOTIX Network Camera
MOBOTIX D12, D24, Q12, M1, M10, M12
MOBOTIX D12, D24, Q12, M10, M22 (MJPEG mode)

Mysmartvideo N6600 (MJPEG mode)

Netwave Outdoor IR Cam

Oem IP Wireless NV Camera
Oem IP Wireless NV Camera 640x480 (MJPEG mode)
Oem IP Wireless NV Camera (MJPEG mode)
Oem Outdoor IR Cam 640x480 (MJPEG mode)
Oem Outdoor IR Cam (MJPEG mode)
Oem Test template
Oem Unknown camera 1
Oem Unknown camera 1 (MJPEG mode)
Oem Unknown camera 2

NC 800 IP Camera
NC1000-L10, W10

Orite IP Cam
Orite PT-300

Ovislink OC 800W

Panasonic BB-HCM 311, 331, 371, 381
Panasonic BB-HCM 311, 331, 371, 381 (MJPEG mode)
Panasonic BB-HCM 511, 515, 531, 58x
Panasonic BB-HCM 511, 515, 531, 58x (MJPEG mode)
Panasonic BL, BB 320x240 HIGH (MJPEG mode)
Panasonic BL, BB 320x240 LOW (MJPEG mode)
Panasonic BL, BB 320x240 NORMAL (MJPEG mode)
Panasonic BL, BB 640x480 HIGH (MJPEG mode)
Panasonic BL, BB 640x480 LOW (MJPEG mode)
Panasonic BL, BB 640x480 NORMAL (MJPEG mode)
Panasonic BL-C1, BL-C20
Panasonic BL-C1, BL-C20 (MJPEG mode)
Panasonic BL-C10, BL-C30
Panasonic BL-C10, BL-C30 (MJPEG mode)
Panasonic BL-C131
Panasonic BL-C131 (MJPEG mode)
Panasonic DDN-CAM1
Panasonic DDN-CAM1 (MJPEG mode)
Panasonic KX-HCM 8, 10, 230, 250, 280
Panasonic Network Camera
Panasonic Network Camera 640x480
Panasonic WJ-NT104
Panasonic WV-NF 284, 484, 954, 964 (MJPEG mode)
Panasonic WV-NM100, WV-NP202, WV-NP240, WV-NP472
Panasonic WV-NP1000 (MJPEG mode)
Panasonic WV-NP244
Panasonic WV-NS202
Panasonic WV-NS324

Pelco IP 110

Pheenet 210IR
Pheenet 310PT
Pheenet 310PT (MJPEG mode)

Pixord Camera 100, 120
Pixord Camera 200, 205, 240, 241 (MJPEG mode)
Pixord Video Server 1000, 2000, 4000 (MJPEG mode)
Pixord Video Server

Planet ICA-100, 100W, 100PE, 310
Planet ICA-100, ICA-310, ICA-312 (MJPEG mode)
Planet ICA-106
Planet ICA-107, ICA-108
Planet ICA-107, ICA-108, ICA-120 (MJPEG mode)
Planet ICA-110, 210
Planet ICA-110, 210 (MJPEG mode)
Planet ICA-HM130
Planet ICA-HM220W (MJPEG mode)
Planet ICA-300, 302, 500, 600, IVS-100 (MJPEG mode)
Planet ICA-300, 302S, 500, IVS-100
Planet ICA-350, 525, 550 (MJPEG mode)
Planet Video Server

Plustek P1100

Proq IP Camera
Proq IP Camera (MJPEG mode)

Richonor FD-PT01, FD-YT01
Richonor FD-PT01, FD-YT01 (MJPEG mode)
Richonor FD-WH01, FD-HY01
Richonor FD-SMOS01, FD-W101
Richonor FD-WH01, FD-HY01 (MJPEG mode)
Richonor FD-SMOS01, FD-W101 (MJPEG mode)

Rimax 7100, 7200 (MJPEG mode)

Rosewil IP Camera (MJPEG mode)

Saga IP Camera

Samsung SNB-7000 (MJPEG mode)
Samsung SNC-B2315, B5395, SNC-C6225 (MJPEG mode)
Samsung SNC-C7225, C7478, SNC-M300 (MJPEG mode)

Santec SNC, SVS (MJPEG mode)
Santec VTC (MJPEG mode)

Sanyo IP Camera
Sanyo IP Camera HD (MJPEG mode)

Sertek 10301, 50123
Sertek 35121
Sertek 90123, 90124, 90125, 90126

Sharx Security SCNC2607
Sharx Security SCNC2607 (MJPEG mode)
Sharx Security SCNC2607 Normal (MJPEG mode)
Sharx Security SCNC2607 Normal

Shenzen IP Camera
Shenzen IP Camera 640x480 (MJPEG mode)
Shenzen IP Camera (MJPEG mode)

Sitecom LN-400, LN-401
Sitecom LN-400, LN-401 (MJPEG mode)

SOHO Internet Camera

Sony Internet Camera
Sony Internet Camera (MJPEG mode)
Sony SNC-C10, SNC-C11, SNC-C3
Sony SNC-C10, SNC-C11 (MJPEG mode)
Sony SNC-C3, SNC-C50 (MJPEG mode)
Sony SNC-DF40, SNC-M1, SNC-M3
Sony SNC-DF40, SNC-P1, SNC-RX550 (MJPEG mode)
Sony SNC-M1, SNC-M3 (MJPEG mode)
Sony SNC-P1, SNC-P5, SNC-RZ25N
Sony SNC-P5 (MJPEG mode)
Sony SNC-RZ25N, SNC-RZ30N, SNC-Z20N (MJPEG mode)
Sony SNT-V704
Sony SNT-V704 (MJPEG mode)
Sony SNT-V704 Admin (MJPEG mode)

Sparklan CAS-370
Sparklan CAS-700
Sparklan CAS-771, CAS-861

SQ IP Cam GP-280 (MJPEG mode)
Stardot Netcam
Stardot Express 6 Server
Stardot Netcam X1, SC (MJPEG mode)

Storage Option P7005 160*120 (MJPEG mode)
Storage Option P7005 320*240 (MJPEG mode)
Storage Option P7005 640*480 (MJPEG mode)
Storage Option SON-IPC1 640*480

Swann IP Camera

Sweex IP Network Camera
Sweex IP Network Camera (MJPEG mode)

Telecamera IPC-1001-W (MJPEG mode)

Tenvis JPT3815 (MJPEG mode)

Toshiba IK-WB01A
Toshiba IK-WB01A (MJPEG mode)
Toshiba IK-WB02A
Toshiba IK-WB11A
Toshiba IK-WB11A (MJPEG mode)
Toshiba IK-WB15A
Toshiba IK-WB15A (MJPEG mode)
Toshiba IK-WB21A
Toshiba IK-WB21A (MJPEG mode)
Toshiba IK-WB80A
Toshiba high IK-WB80A
Toshiba low IK-WB80A
Toshiba IK-WB80A (MJPEG mode)
Toshiba IK-WR01A
Toshiba IK-WR12A (MJPEG mode)
Toshiba Network Camera

Tp-Link TL-3000 (MJPEG mode)
Tp-Link TL-SC3130 (MJPEG mode)
Tp-Link TL-SC317 (MJPEG mode)
Tp-Link TL-SC3171G
Tp-Link TL-SC3171G (MJPEG mode)

Trc TWS-8134 320x240
Trc TWS-8134.2 640x480

TRENDnet TV-IP100, TV-IP400
TRENDnet TV-IP312, TV-IP41x, TV-IP42x (MJPEG mode)
TRENDnet TV-IP512 (MJPEG mode)

Trust NW-7100
Trust NW-7100 (MJPEG mode)
Trust Surveillance Camera (MJPEG mode)

VCenter NC 1000

Vekonic HIP02 (MJPEG mode)

Velleman IP Camera (MJPEG mode)

Vilar IPC-1002
Vilar IPC-1002 Alt
Vilar IPC-1002 (MJPEG mode)

Vivotek 2000, 3000, 6000 series 176x144
Vivotek 2000, 3000 series 352x288
Vivotek 6111, 6112, 6114, 6117 352x288
Vivotek 6122, 6124, 6127 352x288
Vivotek 7131, 7135, 7137, 7141, 7142 352x288
Vivotek 7131, 7132 352x288
Vivotek 2000, 3000 series 704x576
Vivotek 6111, 6112, 6114, 6117 704x576
Vivotek 6122, 6124, 6127 704x576
Vivotek 7131, 7135, 7137, 7141, 7142 704x576
Vivotek 7131, 7132 704x576
Vivotek 7134, 7138, 7139 (MJPEG mode)
Vivotek 7151, 7152, 7153 (MJPEG mode)
Vivotek 7154, 7161, 7251, 7330 (MJPEG mode)
Vivotek 7151, 7161 320x240
Vivotek 7151, 7161 640x480
Vivotek 7161 1600x1200
Vivotek 8232 (MJPEG mode)
Vivotek Video Server


Vstarcam H6837WI

Wlan Robotcam Camera

Wowwee Rovio Mobile

Xannet XIPCAM-1001 IP Camera

Y-Cam Y-Cam (MJPEG mode)

Zavio F321A
Zavio F321A (MJPEG mode)
Zavio Dxxx, Fxxx, Mxxx port 8070 (MJPEG mode)

Zonenet ZVC 7630 (MJPEG mode)